Email Campaigns - html Emails, e-Newsletters, &
e-Flyers, Outlook Stationary Design

Email Stationary for Personal or Business, e-mail ads for marketing

Email campaigns, e-flyers, blast emails, e-listing flyers, html flyers, email stationary- email marketing works!

Email campaigns are e-newsletters, e-flyers, e-listing flyers, html flyers, blast emails - marketing sent by email. E-flyers are the latest marketing tools for advertising your company and getting your presence on the web.

Email Marketing Design Process:

  • Explain what you would like to see, such as your company logo, colors, and other information about your company's style
  • Tell us where you will be using the template.
  • We will then create a beautiful, eye-catching html email, containing links and custom graphics.
  • After you view the proof and make any changes or additions, we will finalize your template and upload the design, send it to you via email, send the files directly to you.

We can design custom graphics, write the html code, and create an e-newsletter or e-flyer, realtor e-listing flyer, even email stationary, perfect for your web-based advertising. If you have an account with an email campaign company, we can custom design email templates, turning boring templates into amazing e-newsletters or e-flyers. (Constant Contact, iContact, Bruno, Campaign Monitor, etc.)

Purple Dragonfly Designs email marketing products are custom designed, and your e-flyer, e-listing flyer, or e-newsletter will be uniquely distinct from anyone else's. We don' use templates, ever. We also design Outlook stationary, making your everyday emails, personal or business-related, one of your best advertisements!

Email Marketing Samples

Custom Template Design for E-Newsletters (html & Constant Contact)

E-newsletter template design - business tech support theme
Business Technology Theme

Spa Theme e-newsletter design
Spa Theme

Realtor e-flyer design for listings
Realtor E-Flyer Theme

E-Newsletter Business Theme Design
Corporate/Business Theme

Home Listing e-flyer design
Real Estate Theme for E-Flyer

Whimsical Newsletter Design
Whimsical Theme

Business Theme Newsletter Design
Business Theme

Salon Newsletter Design
Salon Theme

Spa e-Flyer Theme Design
Spa Theme

Don't settle for boring templates when you can have one custom designed

Announce an event, send out e-invitations, it's easy and fast with email marketing. Our emails are designed using a header, or masthead, that incorporates your existing logo and colors, and we can also create coordinating graphicsto use in the body of the email message. We may even come up with something you could never have imagined, a design that will make your email marketing campaigns stand out in anyone's inbox.

E-marketing is a great tool that can introduce your company, advertise a sales event, or send out e-cards to clients. Realtors can showcase new home listings in an e-listing flyer, or market open houses in an e-flyer.

Collect emails from clients, friends, potential clients and customers, and start your own blast email campaign with a professionally designed e-flyer or e-newsletter - these things really do work!

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