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1. Managing Your Own Website Content Is Easier Than You Think with CMS and OSS

In today’s world of ever-changing information, having a website that you can update yourself has become almost a necessity. Whether you sell products online, have a warehouse of inventory, are an artist, writer, realtor, or business owner, you can benefit from having a website with a Content Management System, or the ability to make content changes yourself. Read more...


2. Realtors and Mortgage Officers - A Great Combination

Realtors and Mortgage Officers can use a professional graphic design company, such as Purple Dragonfly Designs, to create elegant, distinctively different marketing materials they can exchange, helping each other through reciprocal recommendations. This works because they both interact with clients who want the same things - to buy or sell a home. Read more...


3. What to Expect When You Order a Website from Purple Dragonfly Designs

You've decided you want a web site, but do you know what type of web site you'd like? Not everyone just "knows" what they want, and it may be difficult to describe the image in your head, but that's perfectly ok. One of our specialties is helping you find that image, refine it, and create the web site you didn't even know you wanted. Read more...


4. Seven Tips for Improving Your Realtor Listing Flyers

Beautiful flyers start with good photos. Even if your new real estate listing isn't a professionally decorated and landscaped million dollar home, you can still take photos that will emphasize the positives and play down the negatives. There are several things to consider as you take those most important photographs, and following a few simple guidelines will help ensure all your pictures will enhance, and thus help sell, your new listing. Read more...


5. Search Engine Optimization- How to increase website visibility

Just having a website doesn't guarantee that it will be at the top of search engine search results. Unlike the movie quote, "If you build it, they will come," building a website does not mean that people will automatically begin finding you through search engines, like Google, AltaVista, Yahoo and MSN. Being found online takes careful planning, research, implementation of SEO strategies, lots of work, and PATIENCE. Read more...

6. Common Types of Brochure Folds with Examples


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