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Corporate, Personal, Professional Identity Packages

Request a Free Quote Professional Identity or Branding is more than having a business card or logo. Everything you hand to customers, or send through the mail or by email, can present a unified, polished, professional image.

Marketing yourself, or your company, through emails, letterhead stationary, notepads, is a great way to remind your clients and customers what products and services you offer. Custom graphics also available.

Professional Identity Branding Includes:

  • Letterhead Stationary
  • Email Stationary
  • Notepads
  • Custom Envelopes
  • Business Cards
  • Personal or Corporate Logos

Corporate Identity Package - Flyer, Thank You Card, Advertisement, Website

Identity Package for Insurance Company

Realtor Identity Package - Letterhead Stationary, Logo, Business Cards, Note cards, and Envelopes

Identity Package for Realtor - envelopes, notepads, letterhead, business cards

Identity Packages for Churches, Events, Organizations

Identity Packages for Churches, events, organizations

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Email Stationary for OutlookEmail stationary

How many emails do you send a day?

What if your emails didn't look like the standard Outlook templates, as everyone else's does?

You can have custom designed email stationary that is easy to use, just click "new" and all your information is included.

Logos, contact information, a quote, even a promotional sale - designed just the way you want it. Don't waste your emails, let them sell for you.

Some installation is required for Outlook stationary, and you will be provided with all the graphics, files and instructions so you can easily install it yourself. No need to pay hundreds of dollars for custom Outlook stationary, or subscribe to expensive email services - contact Purple Dragonfly Designs today to order your custom designs at an affordable one-time price.


Custom email stationary for Outlook

Custom Outlook Stationary is affordable!

Professional email stationary is affordable  
Email Stationary with Logo