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Realtor Blog Website

Realtor blog Website

AgentPress Real Estate WordPress Theme

Blogs are great for just about anyone who has information they want to share with the world, whether it's business, political or personal. A blog website can be completely cusomized to suit your style and company image.

Why should you choose a blog website?

  • Easy to use content management system - you can edit pages and add new pages easily
  • Add interactivity to your website through widgets and plug-ins that can do just about anything
  • Share news with your customers and receive feedback
  • Great SEO (search engine optimization) benefits due to the relationship between WordPress blogs and Google
  • Immediate feeds of new posted information directly into Google, so you don't have to wait for Google's spiders to crawl through your site and index your new information
  • You don't have to post new articles daily, weekly or even monthly - your blog can function just like a regular website
  • Comments can be turned off completely so no one can post information but you

Realtors can post photos of their latest listings, cake artists can post photos of their cakes and events, photographers can share their skill with the world and everyone can get feedback from their blog visitors.

Blog Website Design begins with a good foundation

Templates are used as the framework for your blog website, which means quailty is important. We use templates from StudioPress, a leader in WordPress template design.

StudioPress templates are Search Engine Optimized and offer the most choices for customization and ease of use. To see their selection of templates, click the StudioPress banner.

If you think you're ready for a blog, please contact Purple Dragonfly Designs today to find out more about this great opportunity.

WordPress Themes by StudioPress

Blog Website Design Samples

Personal Blog Design - Alivia Layne

Personal Blog Website Design

Great website for:

Sharing family news, photos, and events, upload videos, create photo galleries, and allow other family members to post comments.